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1 x Large Size Unopened YOWAH NUTS!!! 3 chances in every Nut

These are our LARGE sized unopened (whole) Yowah Nut specimens. (typically 400 - 600 grams)

65 already sold and 5 new in stock (items are updated regularly)

Sold individually / price is for 1 large yowah nut with consideration for weight and packaging. For more nuts increase the quantity on your order.

Due to an increase in postage costs a small premium has been added to the price.

Although there are theories, it is still a scientific phenomena as to what the Yowah Nut was originally, and how/why they Opalised.



We will guarantee the following statistics:

- for every 1000 Yowah nuts, 1 will hold precious opal Crystal or matrix, normally lying in the skin of the nut (outer layers)

- BUT Only 1 in 10,000 Yowah nuts will contain the elusive full Crystal Center “Eye Kernal” with valuable opal

Nuts like the ones mentioned above are known as the rarest of any opal formations in the world and can sell for anything from $1000 to $100,000 ea


HOW CAN WE GUARANTEE these numbers??? 


Everyone who buys a bag of 10 small unopened Yowah nuts gets a second chance with 10 x free tickets in the draw to win a nice quality natural opal matrix skin Yowah nut with beautiful colour ! YES EVERY NUT IS A TICKET TO WIN $1000 Yowah opal (drawn every 1000 sold)

a 3rd chance when 10,000 are sold we will give away a Crystal Center eye kernel Yowah nut Full of opal WORTH $3000!!!

Tickets and numbers to be sold are over 3 listings - small, Medium and large unopened Yowah nuts 

PLEASE NOTE the nuts hold value before being broken open. We give no guarantee that the nuts you purchase will have colour inside. We advise to please keep them whole! Because of the nature of this promotion, there can be no refunds on this product. In line with this, If you open a nut with a Crystal Center we won’t ask you for more money :) 




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