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Opal Whisperers

As seen on Outback Opal Hunters - the team consists of Issac Andreou; (Team Leader) Master Opal Cutter and Opal Expert, along with Rod; Featured in episodes one and two of the Opal Whisperers. The elusive opal mine lease holder of Koroit, in the South West Queensland opal mining area and Dave, Featured in episodes 3 and 4 of the Opal Whisperers. Rod is a miner from Yowah and SW Queensland.

Isaac Andreou

Conceived in an opal mine, Isaac has been deeply rooted into the opal, gemstone and jewellery industry since he was just an itch in his fathers hard hat.

Due to these beginnings, it’s not surprising that a unique affinity with nature.

As a second generation member of the industry and a lifetime of hands on experience specialising in opal, Isaac has a 100% creative mind and a prolific drive for producing opal artworks in a broad range of mediums.

From gemstone cutting, (visual) artworks and even organic tree root sculptures using unique opal features, Isaac explains that he works in collaboration with nature to expose hidden images.

Isaac is a devoted singe dad who wears his heart on his sleeve and believes in magic.

Yowah & Koroit

Mining Opals in the Outback


Yowah is an outback town and locality in the Shire of Paroo, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, Yowah had a population of 141 people. The town is known for its opal mining and numerous opal fields that lie around the town as well as the "Yowah Nut" a local type of opal distinctive to the region. The Yowah nut displays unique artistic and tribal patenting through iron stone with electric streams of opal. The Yowah nut is considered the rarest formation of opal on Earth and a complete scientific phenomena. Ref Wikipedia


The Koroit opal field is an opal mining area in Paroo Shire in South West Queensland, Australia. It is located about 80 km north northwest of Cunnamulla. It is not a town, nor should it be confused with the town of Koroit in rural western Victoria, Australia. It has neither electricity nor running water. Koroit is close to the town of Yowah which also produces a similar type of opal. Ref Wikipedia.