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5.5cts - “Euphoria” A Breathtakingly Brilliant Boulder Pipe Opal


 A true gem quality  investment opal stone affectionately named “Euphoria”

Magnificent Boulder Pipe, Solid opal.

With a remarkable 5 out of 5 on the brightness scale, and unparalleled crystal clarity, this opal stone is as pure as it gets.

Cut and polished with precision, it boasts a stunning high dome and one-of-a-kind Freeform shape.

An added feature is the clever inverted edge, which offers the perfect placement for a round brilliant cut Diamond.

When set as a custom Heirloom jewellery masterpiece, this combination will beautifully complement the suspended crystal colours displayed with in the opal crystal


Area of Mine- Opalton / Winton, Central Queensland Opal fields, Australia

Total Weight - 5.5 CTS

Dimensions - 20 x 10 x 5 mm

formation - boulder pipe Opal

colours - Predominantly Lime green with Ice blue and kissed by yellow orange 

pattern - suspended floral and vivid rolling sunflower

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