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Australian 20 + Opal Rock Cutting Rough. BARGAIN in BULK

YES You are reading correctly…. When you buy a parcel of 20 rough opal rocks, you will get them all for a Bargain

note: this product listing is ongoing and the items photographed are examples only. Currently when ordered we are sending out a mix of boulder seam material, natural matrix, colour and pattern

We promise the quality and value for money will be maintained - Opal Whisperers

But it gets better… BUY 2 parcels & get FREE AIRMAIL WORLD WIDE!!!

This is called “Bulk buying” and a smart way to get opals for a bargain price 

Limited parcels available

On average around 100grams / 500cts

Info & Note: 

- The already discounted price is for 1 x parcel of 20 opal cutting rocks. So across the board they are costing you less 

- great lapidary small opal material for opal cutters!!! Or use in art, display in jars, add to your collection, cut and polish or give as Christmas gifts

- We ALWAYS put at least 21 + stones to cover any possibility of miss calculations (or more)

- Nice surprises and a hidden treasures 

- Winners in every bag! 

- Purchase at least 2 parcels and get free airmail anywhere in the world 

- We choose your parcel at random

- We recommend to wash the stones and view in full sun when you receive them to see the true beauty

These are priced to sell and well graded. You will receive one just like the parcels shown in pics and videos but sorry no picking …. If you want more then 1 parcel (20 pieces), depending on availability you can increase the quantity.

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We don’t change our prices based on your currency saving you 15-45% off our already miner prices!

Compare now and pay in any currency you choose. We appreciate you!