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Red Fire 🔥 Multi in Silver Ladies Opal Pendant

An artistic sterling silver (925) Queensland Boulder Opal doublet pendant. HIGHEST QUALITY AVAILABLE

This pendant features a freeform shaped, highest -quality, Australian Boulder Opal Doublet, using all natural materials.

It displays the very best of  full range multi colouration predominantly Red Orange in a beautiful floral pattern.

Please note: This type of quality stone is normally set in white or yellow gold but has been set free of charge in the sterling silver setting to allow a top-quality piece at a budget price!

Compare solid Black opals of this colour display in Gold at $5000 p/ct!!!

Style -Long sweeping Cuff Bale 

Setting -Sterling Silver Bezel

Stone -Queensland Boulder Opal Doublet. 12x10mm

Total Weight - 2.02g

Extras - Free International Airmail / shipping automatically applied when purchasing this item and/or bundling with any other purchase. 

Our boulder opal doublets are a fraction of the price of a solid opal. Made with all natural opal materials, the original boulder ironstone on the back and a natural opal face. They can get wet with no problem and are securely set so the stone will not fall out.

* please note this video displays at only about 50% of the full colour in the stone 🔥