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9.75cts- ”Heritage Collection” Investment Big Solid Black Opal, Lightning Ridge

A high Quality solid, natural black opal from Lightning Ridge NSW, with a glowing Full face of colour, displaying electric blue and green with background hints of deep electric purple in a flagstone pattern. 

This magnificent Gem has come from the “Andreou family heritage collection” held for decades and only now ready to be released to the general public.

Such a rich history adds highly to the gems collectibility and the purchaser will undoubtedly share in this Providence. 

Body Tone - N1 True Black Opal 

Brightness - B2-3

Pattern - Flagstone

Total weight - 9.75 cts 

Area of Mine - Lightning Ridge NSW, Australia 

Dimensions - 27mmx 10.5mm x 5.5mm 

Shape - Well polished, High dome , elongated freeform cabochon 

Colours - Deep blues ,greens and purple.


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