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Who are the Opal Whispers?

Isaac Andreou and Sofia Andreou are known as the Opal Whisperers team from the popular international hit TV show, Outback Opal Hunters - Discovery Channel.

Throughout their television journey, Opal Whisperers have been joined by other mining personalities such as David Darby, Rod Griffin, Huey and Ricardo Barfos who have all teamed up with Opal Whisperers at one time or another throughout the filming of Outback Opal Hunters.

Artist and expert Eddy Magire is set to also make an appearance on upcoming episodes. 

Our Products

Our family has been deeply involved in the opal industry since 1961, and we are proud second-generation opal experts. Our specialty lies in Queensland Boulder Opals, particularly the unique and captivating Yowah Nut Opals that showcase natural artworks with mesmerizing tribal patterns. These are totally unique, national and natural wonders where any two opals are never the same.

Besides the Opals we currently mine cut and polish, there is also a treasure trove collection already in stock that were stockpiled by Isaac and Sofia Andreou’s parents' will before Opal Whisperers was spoken.

Apart from our speciality, Boulder Opal, we also have every other type from every field in Australia. All qualities and all price ranges to suit everybody.

From rare black opals to luminous crystal opals, we have opals from all parts of the country. Our collection is unparalleled, and each opal tells its own story.

Furthermore, Opal artesian and Opal Whispers team leader, Isaac Andreou personally cuts and polishes opal in-house, guaranteeing exquisite craftsmanship.

We invite you to explore and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of opals. Whether you are a collector, jeweller, enthusiast, lapidary artist, who cuts in polishes Opal, Opal hobbyist, re-seller or industry professional, we have opals to suit your unique needs.

Welcome to Opal Whisperers, a more colourful world where opal dreams come to life and Opals find you.