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7.45cts - TOP Red Multi Large Red Semi Black Opal Investment Gem from Lightning Ridge

High Quality solid, natural black opal from Lightning Ridge NSW, with a  Full face of colour, displaying amazing electric colours from the full spectrum in a flag and broad rolling flash type pattern. 

This magnificent Gem has come from the “Isaac Andreou Investment collection”.

This piece is really amazing with its slightly lighter body tone, old school training dictates our reference to it as “Semi Black” giving it a much more gentle and feminine wearing capability and approximately 1/2 to 1/3 of the price of an N1 black of this nature. Still by modern definitions this striking gem would still be sold every day as a true Black opal with lighter body tone.

Body Tone - Semi Black 

Brightness -Excellent / B1-2

Pattern - Flag and Rolling 

Total weight - 7.45cts

Area of Mine - Lightning Ridge NSW, Australia 


Shape - Oval cabochon

Colours - Full spectrum predominantly Red, Orange, Gold (SEE VIDEO) 

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