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123.90cts - 9 x Stone Set Of Ice Blue Solid Boulder Opal

A magnificent investment quality matching set of 9 x solid, natural boulder Opals displaying suspended multi colours in a striation pattern through soft ice blue body tone

Get creative, Mix and match to make your dream Jewellery. The options are endless for matching earrings, Ring, pendant and bracelet. OR use all 9 opals in one knock out statement necklace

Cut by an absolute master Opalcutter who past recently, we may never see Such creative thought and craftmanship in lapidary like this again

Dimensions and weights:

largest stone - 49.35 CTS / 33 x 22 x 10 mm

Smallest stone - 6.69 CTS / 20 x 8 x 5 mm

Total weight combined – 123.90cts

Includes free airmail anywhere in the world

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