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“Reef Dreams” The Rarest Opal Formation, Feat. On Discovery Channel

"REFF DREAMS" is an internationally recognised museum grade, Crystal Centre, full eye kernel, Yowah Nut Opal displaying reef Patten with ice Blue colouration

Newly released from Opal Whisperers Personal reserve and part of natural, national history of Australia. 

Featured on the Discovery Channel’s international hit TV show - Outback Opal Hunters, during Team Opal Whisperers “Biggest Haul In History” episodes with Isaac Andreou, Sofia Andreou, and David Darby.

The natural form of the mother-stone surrounding the opal has been retained by lapidary artist Isaac Andreou, so it can be recognised in footage from the TV show.

this makes it highly collectible and bound to increase in value over time.

Great investment piece!

 A total phenomena unexplained by science and known as the rarest formation of Opal on earth. Only 1 in 10,000 Yowah nuts are said to contain a full Center of precious crystal Opal like the “Reef Dreams” specimen

This is the first time this phenomenal Opal specimen has been made available to purchase publicly and coming direct from the opal miners


Total weight – 470 cts / 93 g

Area of mine - Brandy Gully, Yowah, Outback Queensland Australia

Formation – Queensland Boulder, Yowah Nut Opal specimen 

Lapidary – Organic / natural form. Polished by Isaac Andreou while filming Outback Opal Hunters

Approx. dimensions - 58 x 46 x 23 mm

Extras -  Unopened Yowah Nut in images comes free of charge when purchasing “Reef Dreams” 

Complimentary express VIP priority airmail postage Is included in the purchase price. Optional replacement Insurance cover is available for loss or damage during shipping at an extra fee and can be quote after purchase (before sending) on request 

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