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12.40cts - Heavenly Gem Boulder Black Opal

If you were to imagine a dreamscape of rising through the clouds towards heaven, this would be the image….

The perfect ring or pendant Stone. This solid natural Opal has an undulating majority full face of Gem quality Black Opal!

displaying electric, neon moving colours touching near both ends of the rainbow spectrum in gorgeous and rare broad flash segmented and striation patterning with porcelain inclusion that creates an artistic dreamscape that renders clouds in heaven….

The gem quality investment opal has the highest quality of finishing polish possible 

using the more recent internationally accepted Opal grading system focused on body tone, this opal gem would sit at N2 indisputably making it a “Boulder Black Opal”

But at a much more affordable price then it’s cousins from lightning Ridge since it’s still not viable to price Boulder Opal pr ct due to inconsistent specific gravities in the various rock motherstones falling under the “Boulder” category 

ct weight can still be used as a helpful guideline when grading to price a parcel of boulder 

Total weight – 12.40 cts

Dimensions - approximately 12 x 18.5 x 5.5 mm 

Area of mine – Quilpy, outback Queensland Opal fields Australia

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