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Australian 6.4 Cts - Solid Lighting Ridge Black Opal with Thick Chrystal 30+YR Old Collection


This Quality Solid Lighting Ridge Black Opal has a highly desireable Thick “meat” of Chrystal sitting on top of the identifying dark grey and black potch. Stemming from a 30+YR Old Collection we now recommend this piece to become a part of your family. Black opal like this from Lightning Ridge NSW has always been one of the best long term Opal investments 

Some natural inclusions and webbing , priced accordingly 

Total weight - 6.4 Cts

Area of Mine - Lightning Ridge NSW, Australia 

Dimensions - 14mm x 11mm x 7mm

Shape - The most Prised high dome oval “Nobby” cut 

Colours - Electric Deep Forrest green, tinges of gold, purple, deep blue 

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