Small Uncracked Yowah Nuts - limited nuts avail

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  • $13.00 AUD

Get your small nuts here! Sound on

By popular demand we have 12 small Yowah nuts available, priced on this listing individually.

$13 per small Yowah nut

100 g – average single small Yowah nut weight

60 x 45 x 35 mm – Average single small nut dimensions

Medium-size and large nuts also available on other listings

Please Keep in mind your chances statistically are 1 in 1000 to have a nut with Opal colour inside and 1 in 10,000 to score a full Crystal centre

If you crack our nuts, we cannot guarantee there will be Opal inside. If you do find a $50,000 crystal centre we ask only that you don’t tell us

We do hope of course that you get full nuts :)

SKU: SmNut1