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21.43cts - 'Electric Scarab' Tribal Pattern Yowah Nut

21.43cts - 'Electric Scarab' Tribal Pattern Yowah Nut

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This mesmerising solid boulder opal displays a intricate tribal pattern with electric flashes of green/turquoise through oceanic pools of blue Through it’s mother ironstone. Cut in a freeform shape, resembling an electric scarab bug.

Electric scarab was found whilst filming outback opal hunters in Yowah. The show is Featured on the Discovery Channel 

Total weight - 21.43cts  

Area of Mine - Yowah, Outback Queensland, Australia 

Dimensions - 20mm x 16mm x 9mm

Pattern - pool and tribal pattern 

Formation - Boulder opal on its natural mother ironstone 

Shape - Freeform shape

Colours - Electric green / turquoise and blues on its natural mother stone