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1kg Bulk Opal Rough

Note! This material has been up graded now with significant pieces, potentially showing your money worth in just a few rocks, plus all of the extra, regular bulk materials still included .

Opal Rough – Mixed Queensland Boulder Opal from Koroit, Yowah, Quilpy, Opalton and other outback opal mines ready to go now

We try to make sure every stone has colour and/or patterns and then add surprises. However PLEASE NOTE… This is our lowest quality rough material NOT suitable for professional opal cutters looking to cut great gems! 

at best, you can expect to polish nice specimens, or low commercial quality cabochons. Material may be used as a fun feature, to add to a fish tank or Stonewall creation. It will make great practice material for beginners but beyond that please don’t expect to make your fortune off this material. The price tells the story.

Photos are examples only and show a good indication of materials/quality we supply when purchasing from this listing. This is rough opal selling cheap and fast in BULK

practice cutting Cabochons. Depending on skill some rocks included in This material may cut some ring and pendant size cabs worth $25 to $75 per stone 

We do try to make sure every rock has some colour   and/or pattern however, as low quality rough opal, you can also expect wastage

- price listed is for 1 kg + discount post 

- 5 kg immediately available! for more than 1 kg, please adjust the quantity 

- we don’t stiff you for weight. We always put extra :)

we will do our best to make sure you get good value for money as we want you to come back for more : ) at the same time even though we don’t charge much for airmail when spending over $300aud postage is not cheap from our end for bulky items Please keep that in mind when assessing value 

regarding the return for investment,  it will totally depend on your skills as a Opalcutter. There is only one way to get better….. PRACTICE 

for higher quality professional cutting material see other listings. I recommend you search. “Rubs” or “Rough” on our website for nice cutting material

Put your order in and leave it to us to put together the parcel. Price is cheap for quick sales in bulk

Get in quick, buy in bulk and get cheap! Put in your order now :) 

Get the best for less: your currency, our guarantee!

We are Australian opal miners selling Australian products in Australian dollars.

We don’t change our prices based on your currency saving you 15-45% off our already miner prices!

Compare now and pay in any currency you choose. We appreciate you!