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18.25cts -  Tintenbar Opal Doublet “Disco Lights”

18.25cts - Tintenbar Opal Doublet “Disco Lights”

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From the rarest Opal material in the world, this high grade opal doublet displaying “disco light” pattern Is direct from The original family of farmers who Struck Australian volcanic opal in Tintenbar 40 years ago

With between 20 to 40 years since it was cut and polished, This Opal doublet was been made using pure water crystal Opal, laminated onto lightning Ridge black Opal potch

For more info or documentation verifying the originality of this extremely rare collectors piece of Australian opal history, please get in touch

Total weight – 18.19cts

Dimensions –33 x 17 x 5 mm

Area of mine – Tintinbah Opal, surrounding Byron Bay hinterland, New South Wales Australia

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