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50cts - Mosaic cubes Pure Crystal Opal

50 CTs of pure natural crystal opal from Lightning Ridge (price is per 50 ct packet) 

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This is a new and limited product exclusive from Opal Whisperers specially for Opal artists, and creative jewellers.

meticulous time and energy is put into slicing these tiny, clean opal cubes so they are relatively similar in size . We put in the hard yards, to make these clean so you can easily create your high quality inlays, mosaics, vile jewellery, resins, and alike artworks 

these will take on a black opal appearance if they are traditionally inlaid, or set out into mosaics

please note to create these was so extremely labour intensive with a lot of waist age in the process so if they appeal to you, get the volume as we might not ever be making them again.

if they appeal to you, get them whilst you can as we might not ever be making them again.

Only 6 x 50 CT packs available. 

price is for 1 packet containing 50 cts (for more, if available, please increase the quantity)