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13.70cts - “soulmates” pair of solid boulder Opals

“Soulmates” – watch video with Sound oN

A perfectly matching solid natural pair of boulder Opals displaying bright multicolour in lovely teardrop shapes. These gorgeous Opal studs are finished to the highest quality polish possible

Every opal is different so to get a pair of matching Opals you need them to be cut from the same stone. This is quite rare, and since they have been together since the beginning, we referred to them as soulmates, and like to try to keep them together 

Occasionally one is laying on top of the other and split down the centre of the softer material, which is the Opal crystal versus the ironstone. Those will be a mirror image of each other, and sometimes called yin and yan opals 

Area of Mine -Quilpy , Southwest Queensland, Australia, Opal fields

Weight - 13.70 CTS

Dimensions -19 x 11 x 4.5 mm approximately

Colours -Multicolour , Red orange, green and blue

Patten -Sheenie Patten 

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