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21.1cts - RARE Tintenbar opal. Australian volcanic

21.1cts - between just a few pieces … yes, these are the largest pieces of crystal we have released for a long time

a vial of genuine Australian volcanic rough pure Crystal opal from Tintenbar in the Byron Bay, hinterland , New South Wales,

Considered “The rarest commercial opal material in the World”


These pure gem quality Water Crystal pieces have come direct from the family who first STRUCK OPAL on their farm 40years ago (contact us for further verification)

Opal weight - 21.1cts (not including vial)

Area of mine - Tintenbar, Byron Bay hinterland, NSW, Australia

Opal Whisperers feel privileged to be wholesaling this rare opal material exclusivity after it has not being seen on the market for 20 years since the farmer passed on. Stocks are limited

Note: these are great lapidary material however some may craze when removed from water. sold as collectors items for specimen use

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