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9 x Nice Quality Opal Rub Rough! Opal cutting & lapidary

This is an intermediate standard parcel of 9 x nice commercial quality Opal rough rubbed pieces for opal cutters and lapidary artists! 

Put your personal energy into shape and high-quality polish on these Queensland, Boulder, rough Opal rub pieces

from A beautiful mixture of formation Including, pipe, bubble, nut and seam Boulder Opal

you will find Natural matrix, Incredible Wood, replacement/opalised Wood fossil, Extremely rare Cathedral Patten, Majestic fairy Stone And other hidden treasures

Depending on your skills, just one Two of these beautiful Opal, rock pieces might return your entire investment

Just look at the value…. You can’t miss with a parcel like this! 

QUANTITY -9 x stones 

WEIGHT -850 CTs / 170 g approximately

DIMENSIONS - see images with pieces in hand

AREA OF MINE - various outback, Queensland, Opal Fields

FORMATION -mixed QLD Boulder bubble band, nut, Seam and pipe rough rubbed opal,


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