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75cts - Med. Vial of light & Black Opal

75 CT -  Medium sized specimen vials containing average quality, lightning Ridge, light & black opal specimen pieces, chips + tiny cutters.

For Gift shoppers, Rockhounds, Gem / mineral Collectors, artists and Opal lovers….,

Only 2 x vials immediately available! Price is per vial

These are nice rough opal pieces in high visibility glass vials + steel screw on lids

liquid will be removed before sending. Just add water on arrival. 

Average weight – 75cts min. (Approx. Not incl. glass, liquid or lid)

Approx. dimensions – 65 mmx 22 mm Round

Area of mine – lightning Ridge, New South Wales Australia

Once purchased we will choose the vial for you at random. they are all well graded. To see different qualities + other similar listings, just search Vial in the search bar



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