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18.9 cts - Beautifully carved Boulder opal

This solid natural Queensland, Boulder opal has been beautifully shaped to Freeform, and carved to Display an undulating face Between Natural earthy Tones of chocolate brown mother-stone and vividly Reflective Black opal Colours

The predominant red orange streak is contrasting the striking Depth of oceanic green blue…. There’s even a hint of Stella yellow

Discover the breathtaking beauty of this 18.9 ct solid Boulder opal mind in Quilpie Southwest Queensland Australia.

 this affordable opal stone that’s  sure to be a standout piece in any collection.

Area of mine - Quilpy, south-west, Queensland, Outback Opal Fields

Weight - 18.9cts

Dimensions - 23 x 18 x 4 mm approx 

Lapidary - Cut and carved free form and carved undulating with high-quality finishing diamond polish

Notes - on purchasing this exquisite boulder, Opal, you will receive free airmail/shipping to anywhere in the world Automatically


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