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BULK Wholesale Dealers Package #4, 50-65% Off 10 Drilled Yowah Boulder Opals

Attention Dealers, Jewellers, Rock Shops and Corporate Gift Givers..

This is A SPECIAL OFFER for 10x Drilled Yowah Nut Boulder Opals, complete with Leather cords ready to wear exactly as pictured.

We normally sell these pieces between $149-$199 EACH.

Here you can buy THE LOT and receive FREE INTERNATIONAL AIRMAIL maximising value and profitability. 

Please note: THIS IS A BULK PURCHASE. We will not split this parcel.

For individual pieces please search “Drilled” in the search bar and if you would like 3-5 pieces let us know and we will send you a custom offer. 



Get the best for less: your currency, our guarantee!

We are Australian opal miners selling Australian products in Australian dollars.

We don’t change our prices based on your currency saving you 15-45% off our already miner prices!

Compare now and pay in any currency you choose. We appreciate you!