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Australian 83.2cts - “Purple Wood” Fossil QLD Boulder Opal

A beautiful QLD Boulder Wood Fossil Opal from Yowah, outback Queensland, Australia.

Displaying deep purple colours within the now rock, wood grain.

* please note the camera eyes slightly distorts, the coloration, making it look a little more electric than the beautiful, almost aquatic softer purple coloration. 

Natural inclusions whilst typical to the formation have been considered in the pricing 

Thick enough to be drilled through the side and make an amazing uni sex cord, pendant ,left as a beautiful specimen or recut for a high-quality metal set pendant. 

Weight Total: 83.3cts

Dimensions: 36.7mm x 23.3mm x 12.7mm

Area of Mine: Yowah, Southwest QLD Australia

Shape: freeform 

colours: purple 

Formation: wood fossil replacement 

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