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Australian 125.5g - Rough Queensland Boulder Opal Jar

125.5g - Jar of Queensland Boulder opal containing nice rough and blocked out pieces with some vibrant colours, ranging from small to medium sizes.

Be sure to find some surprises inside.

Perfect for Gift shoppers, Rockhounds, lapidary enthusiasts, Gem / mineral Collectors, artists and Opal lovers….

Glass Jar + steel screw on lid

Liquid will be removed before sending. Just add water on arrival.

Weight – 125.5grams / 627.5cts (Approx. Not incl. glass, liquid or lid)

Approx. dimensions – 63mm x 55 mm Round

Area of mine – Koroit and Yowah, Queensland outback Opal Fields, Australia

Extras - Free International Airmail / shipping automatically applied when purchasing this item and/or bundling with any other purchase. 




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