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0.7cts - Old School 35yr Lightning Ridge Black Opal Doublet

Our highest Quality Black Opal Doublets are made using all natural black potch base, with a top quality crystal opal face.

These black potch black opal doublets are approximately 35 years old proving their quality and durability ! 

This stone displays oceanic blue and green colouration in a black opal body tone.

These doublets will not be affected by water and can be worn the same as any natural stone when set into jewellery with no extra care needed.

Once set these doublets are absolutely indistinguishable from a solid opal but at 1/3rd - 1/10th of the price!

Total weight - 0.7cts 

Area of Mine - Outback Queensland, Australia 

Dimensions - 8.1mm x 6.4mm x 2.3mm

Shape - oval

Colours - blue, green

Type -  Black Opal doublet

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